Discretionary Fund Management

Over the years we have built up many relationships with investment houses, insurance companies, solicitors, accountants and stockbrokers.

As an independent advisory firm we research the best the market has to offer and provide for you a best-of-breed tailor made, understandable and workable solution. We then make sure you continue to have the best fit going forward and suggest alterations that may improve your situation along the way.

With this in mind we have negotiated fantastic terms with one a leading firm of Stockbrokers who manage large portfolios on our behalf for those clients, trusts and charities who require direct equity investments included in their portfolios.

Shares are high-risk investments because their value depends on the performance of a single company. The value of your investment is directly linked to the price of a single company share which is determined by a market. If it falls or rises, so will your investment's.

However as part of a large portfolio which may also include Collectives, Bonds and Gilts etc, the inclusion of single company shares can create greater diversity and produce excellent results.  

This form of portfolio management requires very little input from the investor as many of the investment decisions are made on the client’s behalf. This is therefore ideal for those investors, charities or trusts who do wish to get directly involved in the decision making process.

We meet regularly with fund managers to review their performance. We provide you with a 6 monthly report and update recommending any changes we think appropriate. We review you capacity for risk and re-assess the levels of income you may be receiving bearing in mind your tax position. 


‘It's a bespoke service, like visiting Huntsman or Anderson & Sheppard or whoever your favourite Savile Row tailor is’.
Lapo Elkann