Unlike any other investment process on the Fylde coast

We are very proud to introduce ASWM Analytics.  

Recent events have seen some of the most turbulent investment market conditions for decades.

The future is going to bring both challenges and opportunities for both investors and advisers. The long term outcome could depend upon the experience of your adviser and the robustness of their investment proposition.

We have worked closely with a specialist technology and research company to develop an investment strategy with the aim of helping to maximise returns and minimise losses and thereby potentially increase your future financial security.

Whilst most clients believe that to date, the choice of funds for their portfolio has been very good, you now need to ask yourself whether your advisers have a ongoing strategy to sell once an investment starts to under-perform.

We think we have the answer.

ASWM Analytics screens your investments every month. It performs an analysis of each and every fund in your portfolio and assesses the performance relative to its own peer group in terms of return versus risk. Should a fund change their criteria or fall below certain thresholds then ASWM Analytics alerts us immediately and we will undertake a review of those funds concerned. Once this has been completed we will then advise you by email, text or letter outlining the recommended changes.

Upon receipt of your acceptance, which is simply by the push of a button, we will perform the changes to your portfolio. If your portfolio is performing as we would expect we will contact you in the same way to confirm that we recommend no changes are to be made. We do this every single month.


‘The investor of today does not profit from yesterday's growth’
Warren Buffett